This image was taken in the middle section of Deák Ferenc utca / Deak Ferenc street, in the center of Budapest in January 2018. Deak Ferenc street is connecting Vörösmarty tér / Vorosmarty square (where the the Xmas market is held each year) with Deak Ferenc square, major transportation junction. Deak Ferenc street is a walking street busy with kiosks selling mulled wine, handicrafts and different kinds of world food and artisan fast-food in the Christmas season, but in January these kiosks were already gone. This section of the street features Hugo Boss and and an outlet of the Fashion chain Zara. Viewpoint is approximately in front of 13 Deak Ferenc street, 5th district / inner city of Budapest, Hungary). This stock image is free to use but you have to contact us for a license and attribute the source according to our citation requirements.