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Budapest offers a variety of luxury hotels. Some are in refurbished spectacular-looking historical buildings, while others are newly built modern hotels. Central locations are more costly, while hotels further away from the town center tend to offer more extra facilities like thermal baths, outdoor spaces or spectacular vistas over the city.

The primary difference between four star and five star hotels is the nature of the service provided. While in a 5 star hotel services anticipate the need of the guest, and provide everything they think they may require, in four star hotels services are mostly upon demand. There are also differences in the scale of services provided: most 5 star hotels would offer a wide variety of amenities including, gyms, spa, swimming pool, multiple restaurants and 24-7 services. 4 star hotels on the other hand offer a narrower selection with extra charges and limited availability.

The following selection of top hotels in Budapest was done with groups in mind. We prioritized hotels with high levels of customer service and facilities for larger groups, but also individual ratings were taken into account. The order does not represent an absolute ranking, it is rather a subjective evaluation of price-value ratio, especially from the perspective of business travellers and group travel organizers.

Gresham five star hotel budapest
Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

1. Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest